Learn Mandarin From Movies: 亲爱的新年好 (Begin, Again) | Elementary Lesson | ChinesePod

Learn Mandarin From Movies: 亲爱的新年好 (Begin, Again) | Elementary Lesson | ChinesePod

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Learn Mandarin From Movies Series is a push increase awareness of fun Chinese movies that can help you improve your Mandarin Chinese level.

In this episode, we continue to feature the movie 亲爱的新年好 (Begin Again) in the Elementary Level.

The story tells about a 35-year old woman who has been struggling in the city for over 10 years. She meets a younger woman who dreams of a life in the city and a 7-years younger colleague and with the help of the two, her family and friends, she gradually finds her way back to herself again.

Key Vocabulary:

准备 – zhǔnbèi – preparation; to prepare; to intend

首 – shǒu – classifier for songs

送给 – sònggěi – to send

走你 – zǒunǐ – Take this

干嘛 – gànmá – what are you doing

NOTE: This video features SIMPLIFIED characters, which are used in Mainland China. For viewers studying the form of written Chinese used in Hong Kong and Taiwan (traditional), the traditional-character version of this video is available at

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