Learn Mandarin From Movies: 飞驰人生 (Pegasus) | Advanced Lesson | ChinesePod

Learn Mandarin From Movies: 飞驰人生 (Pegasus) | Advanced Lesson | ChinesePod

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Learn Mandarin From Movies Series is a push increase awareness of fun Chinese movies that can help you improve your Mandarin Chinese level.

After the Upper Intermediate Level learning experience featuring the movie 飞驰人生 (Pegasus), we are wrapping this lesson up in the Advanced Level.

The film is about a legendary race car driver who returns to the track facing a new generation of opponents.

Editor’s note: 5:43 若水三千 should be 弱水三千

Key Vocabulary:

执念 – zhíniàn – obsession

慧眼 – huìyǎn – an all-seeing mind; mental perception; insight

赞助 – zànzhù – to support; to assist; to sponsor

胸口 – xiōngkǒu – pit of the stomach

绣 – xiù – to embroider

领奖台 – lǐngjiǎngtái – (winner’s) podium

雪中送炭 – xuězhōngsòngtàn – lit. to send charcoal in snowy weather (idiom); provide timely help

义薄云天 – yìbóyúntiān – upright and faithful

弱水三千 – ruòshuǐsānqiān – many potential lovers

NOTE: This video features SIMPLIFIED characters, which are used in Mainland China. For viewers studying the form of written Chinese used in Hong Kong and Taiwan (traditional), the traditional-character version of this video is available at

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